Recommendations for Enterprise grade NAS

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Recommendations for Enterprise grade NAS

Postby muyousif » Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:10 pm


We are in the process of moving from old archive server to new NAS device. Currently our daily call recording volume is about 10GB and recording files count is about 70000. We want to buy with powerful ram so many users can open previous dates recordings in web. Any recommendation or guidelines please.
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Re: Recommendations for Enterprise grade NAS

Postby williamconley » Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:26 pm

"new NAS device" sounds like you have a Microsoft technician beginning to manage your system who wants to run this Linux system in a way more like a Windows server or desktop.

While there's no serious problem with that (since these are merely audio recordings and in no way related to the operation of the Vicidial server), I would have to ask why you feel the need to move anything? We have (on many occasions) had to increase drive capacity or implement pruning of old recordings to avoid running out of space. We've also set up geographically remote sync/mirror drives (for redundancy to cover drive death as well as location demolition scenarios). But there's no viable need to change the method of storage from "archive server" to "NAS" aside from the preferences of the technician.

Do note that security is always an issue, backups are essential, and expansion without locating a "specialist" is often useful for the long term.

All that being said: You need a place to store the files with lots of capacity, ftp for "incoming" and www for "outgoing", mirrored/synced in case of drive failure, and security so "not just anybody" can hit the www. Beyond that it really doesn't matter.

We've never had an archive server exceed "request capacity" to retrieve audio recordings. If you think this may be an issue at some point, due to your expected number of audio requests, I'd recommend staying in a server instead of NAS unless you know the capacity of the NAS for throughput. In a physical server, you can arrange 6G/sec data transfer from the HD and maintain that all day long ... will your NAS handle this? Can you sync it to a "spare drive" via ssh nightly in a few minutes so drive failure won't create a problem?
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