Large Scale Call Center With Vicibox

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Large Scale Call Center With Vicibox

Postby tanvirmcc » Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:05 pm


I am going to deploy a call of 100 seats. Is possible to deploy with vicibox. My server specification is .

Server : HP DL380 Gen 9
Socket : 2
Core per Socket : 6
RAM : 32 GB
HDD : 3x1.2 TB

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Re: Large Scale Call Center With Vicibox

Postby williamconley » Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:14 pm

Yes. However:

Download the Free version of the Vicidial Manager's Manual from It has specs for large installations.

You'll need more than one server.

But your best bet is to install on that first server immediately and begin using Vicidial to understand how it works and see how much of a load that single "multi-role" server can handle. Then add new servers (cluster/multi-server) and see how much load a server with "only dialer" and "only web" can handle. When you can, stop using the DB server for "dialer" role and for "Agent Web" role to get the most power from your DB. As your system grows, you can add many Dialers and many Web servers: But there can be only one DB server. So eventually that one DB server will be carrying the load for an entire Vicidial server cluster.

But start with the one you have. See what it can do.

Download Vicibox 7.0.4 from "" and use the PDF on that site from instructions on installation. After installation, use the Vicidial Manager's Manual ( for configuration instructions. Don't skip anything. Start at page one. Seriously. 8-)
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