Reg : Call Transfer Agent to Agent

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Reg : Call Transfer Agent to Agent

Postby palani.sivagurunathan » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:49 am


I have some issue in call transfer between agent to agent . I make the call to agent using SIP , calls is reaching to agent and i trying to transfer the call to another agent but call is not connecting to agent. i am getting the following log from from asterisk console .

-- Executing [90009*AGENTDIRECT*CXFER*588428**8807947906*88*88*9*@default:1] Answer("Local/90009*AGENTDIRECT*CXFER*588428**8807947906*88*88*9*@default-000000", "") in new stack
> Channel Local/90009*AGENTDIRECT*CXFER*588428**8807947906*88*88*9*@default-000000ba;1 was answered
-- Executing [8600051@default:1] MeetMe("Local/90009*AGENTDIRECT*CXFER*588428**8807947906*88*88*9*@default-000000", "8600051,F") in new stack
-- Executing [90009*AGENTDIRECT*CXFER*588428**8807947906*88*88*9*@default:2] Dial("Local/90009*AGENTDIRECT*CXFER*588428**8807947906*88*88*9*@default-000000", "IAX/ASTloop:d3Thjg0@*AGENTDIRECT*CXFER*588428**8807947906*88*88*9*,,to") in new stack
[Mar 16 19:16:56] NOTICE[30635][C-000001a3]: chan_sip.c:30176 sip_request_call: Conflicting extension values given. Using 'ASTloop' and not '990009*AGENTDIRECT*CXFER*588428**8807947906*88*88*9*'
== Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5
-- Called IAX/ASTloop:d3Thjg0@*AGENTDIRECT*CXFER*588428**8807947906*88*88*9*

My Installation Details

1. Single Server
2 . VERSION: 2.12-484a
3 . BUILD: 150429-1222
4 . No other hardware

Please help me on this

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