BEWARE: BazarCall Malware targets Call Centers!

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BEWARE: BazarCall Malware targets Call Centers!

Postby carpenox » Thu Apr 01, 2021 9:15 am

As most of you know, I am a Cyber security professional and I like to keep you guys aware of threats to our industry. This new malware specifically targets Contact centers/telemarketers and people using dialer systems. It is called BazarCall and you can read more about it here: ... t-victims/

Some other news that pertains to our community is the PHP repo was infected last Sunday with malware/ransomware so please make sure to check your systems for infections. I will be writing an article as a third part of my series for securing your telephony servers that talks about tools to start using to check your system for infections such as chrootkit and clamscan. The article about the PHP repo infections can be found here: ... or-attack/

And just in case you missed my article last year, about how hackers are using your servers for monitary gain, make sure you check it out:

Finally, I have created an easy access link to my blog at for information as it relates to the Vicidial community.

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