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BEWARE: BazarCall Malware hitting Vicidial servers

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 5:26 pm
by carpenox
Good evening community,

There is a really bad strain of malware going around that is targeting dialers. Its called BazarCall which can link to Ryuk or Conti Ransomware so please take this post seriously, check out some more info about BazarCall, here:

Please make sure you dont help fuel these black hat hackers by not protecting your servers correctly. Use IP whitelist(how to - ) in conjunction with the dynamic portal(how to - for a great "basic" security standard.

Feel free to hit me up anytime for help securing your server. I do not charge people on this community to do so. Also, if anyone has been infected or think they may be, or just want to check, fill out for my companies free security audit:

If you have been infected, please send my security team the files you found at: security @

You can also stop by our live chat for more assistance:

Thank you all for helping me keep our community safe.