Vicidial Cloud for countries in Africa

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Vicidial Cloud for countries in Africa

Postby worseo » Fri Mar 11, 2022 6:53 pm

Hello everyone,
I have tested vicidial on promise. I would like to host it in cloud but vicihost cannot help because of distance. Has anyone in Africa use vicidial/vicibox hosted in the cloud?
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Re: Vicidial Cloud for countries in Africa

Postby williamconley » Wed Apr 13, 2022 1:28 pm

You could try PoundTeam's Fiber offering. Note that our fiber is in use on multiple continents.

Do keep in mind that "cloud" is not really a thing. Similar to "The Mall". There isn't a single "mall", there are lots of them. There is also not "A Cloud", but lots of colocation facilities and server hosting facilities around the world.

Consider that the true concept is that the server in question is merely NOT at your physical location, and the server in question is then either dedicated hardware (IE: You are leasing an entire physical machine) or a Virtualized server (ie: you are leasing parts of a server with a specific number of Cores and Memory and HD space being used by YOU and the rest of the machine in question being used by others). These are generically referred to as Virtual Servers, as opposed to Dedicated Hardware Servers. If you see reference to "VPS (Virtual Private Server)" or "Dedicated Virtual Servers", that's bullshit: they are just Virtual Servers and NOT hardware.


Vicidial does NOT run Virtual for more than one or two agents. There are some claimed exceptions to this rule, but to date all have had an asterisk next to them that turn out to mean that the servers in question are not really Virtual if they have more than a few agents on them. Virtual Vicidial is EXCELLENT for proof of concept, testing, single agent use, and Development purposes. NOT production. Note that a Virtual Vicidial with two agents that runs perfectly can (will) fall apart at the seems when you load it up with more agents. By which I mean, it will become unreliable. Bad decisions. Calls will transfer to the wrong places, just about anything that can go wrong, will, but in a completely unpredictable fashion.

That being said; It IS possible to rent/lease an entire physical server from many "cloud" vendors and/or colocation facilities. It's not dirt cheap (like a Virtual Server), but it is no different than having the server in your physical location ... just with better internet.

Summary: Build it and test it in a Virtual Server in your desired location. Verify both functionality and call quality (including jitter and lag, delays). Once confirmed, move the installation into a physical server at the same location, since the internet won't be different, just the capacity of the server in question.

Happy Hunting! 8-)
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