Problems dahdi module doesn't load

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Problems dahdi module doesn't load

Postby brando16 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:51 am

Hi all,

from friday we have a problems wint the dialer server of an vicidial infrastructure of 5 dialer, one DB e two Web server. All dialer are the same machine, at boot time the module dahdi doesn't loaded correctly, after boot asterisk and dahdi service not start and not work. This cause lost call and when the agent logging into web interface the call arrive to sip softphone but dead immidiately.

We have search for all machine for motivation of this but not found anything.

On all dialer the service asterisk doesn't started correctly after boot but we need an script for do this:

modprobe dahdi
systemctl restart dahdi
systemctl restart vicidial

then all work find.

We have add chkconfig asterisk on because if the machine reboot asterisk doesn't start at boot.

Thanks for all reply.
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