Dialer Server Performance

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Dialer Server Performance

Postby gequiros » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:46 pm

Hello everyone

I am going to setup a multiserver system, i got a quick question based on the Following scenario

#1- Codec to be in use: ONLY G711
#2- We will use CALL RECORDING to a separate ARCHIVE SERVER
#3- We will enable AMD

Each server will be:
Intel X5650 2.66 GHZ - 12 Cores / 24 Threads
8GB DDR 3 memory
120 GB SSD / Or smaller

Will i get Extra benefit if i keep enabled Hyper Threading or do i lose system stability

How many calls can i be able to pull out of this beast ?

I expect a low ASR, somewhere between 30 and 35%

I am thinking on keeping 300 agents at a max radio of 10 (thinking i will have crappiest leads ever), so i need to know how many calls i can pull out of each server so i can imagine how many dialers i need to use

Thanks so much for any idea or light you want to throw on my way !!!
Vicibox 7.0.4

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1 x DataBase ( 32gb Ram - 24 Cores - 1 SSD 240gb )
1 x Web ( 16gb Ram - 16 Cores - 1 TB SATA )
4 x Dialers ( 8gb Ram - 16 Cores - 1 SSD 120gb

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