Use Rank Option in Campaign Blended

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Use Rank Option in Campaign Blended

Postby cromerorey » Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:55 am


We need to use a User Rank option into a blended campaign. The idea is to assing for each user a rank value for each ingroup; while there are no incoming calls the campaing send to agent a call from a list loaded, in other case place the incomig call to agent acording to the rank value,

I assigned a Ranking value only for a Inbound Group (3 inbound groups - Ranks 3,2,1 for each one) and Rank = 0 for outbound campaign. But the agent is waiting for incoming call only and the system not dial the list. How i do to fix it?

VERSION: 2.14-636a
BUILD: 171011-1450
Install VIcibox Cluster (1 DB MASTER - 1 WEB, DB SLAVE - 1 DIALER)
Installed with ViciBox_v8.x86_64-8.0.1
Asterisk 11.25.1-vici

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Re: Use Rank Option in Campaign Blended

Postby williamconley » Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:34 am

If your campaign is not autodialing, the problem is not related to inbound call ranking. It's going to be one of these reasons:
* User for campaign not in READY state.
* No leads in hopper (for instance if the hopper script isn't triggering every minute, or a crashed table)
* No leads available to dial

No leads available to dial can be caused by several reasons:
* Campaign Filter settings
* Campaign Call times
* Campaign Dial Statuses
* No lists active for campaign
* No leads in lists that are active
* All leads have already been dialed (reset the lists)
* All leads are No Answer Autodial and will NEVER answer, thus giving the impression that you're not dialing at all. Not common, but happens. lol
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