Integrate ViciDial with Cisco CUBE SBC?

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Integrate ViciDial with Cisco CUBE SBC?

Postby Two8nine » Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:19 pm


We're in the relatively early stages of transitioning our service from a PRI + Cisco UCCX call center to a SIP + ViciDial one.

One bit of info I'm struggling to find is on setting up with SIP provider via a SBC, and while I know that's not really a ViciDial issue, I'm hoping someone can chime in with their expertise.

Our service provider (who is also our major client) will only provide us with SIP trunks if we use an 'approved' SBC, preferably a Cisco CUBE device supplied by them. (Though they 'may' allow others brands.)

Anyone have any info on that, or is that really no different than any other SBC?

ViciDial versions and Server config are pretty fluid at this point but I'll include them if needed.
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Re: Integrate ViciDial with Cisco CUBE SBC?

Postby mflorell » Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:22 pm

I would suggest trying VICIdial with another SIP carrier like Vitelity. They are pre-paid and you can start an account with a very low balance to get VICIdial up and running without having to deal with a Cisco-only carrier.
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