Moving server from one to other cluster

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Moving server from one to other cluster

Postby rustynail » Mon May 14, 2018 7:21 am


ViciBox v.7.0.4-170113
SVN: 2780
Asterisk 11.25.1-vici

We have a cluster setup which has now reached almost 14 TEL servers with 2 web and 1 master 1 slave DB servers. To distribute load we have decided to created another cluster and move some of the existing TEL servers from first cluster to 2nd cluster. 2nd cluster has been setup and currently has 1 master and 1 slave DB server. Please advise best practice/method to take out an existing TEL server from 1st cluster and add to 2nd cluster.

1. Delete server from Admin->Servers from 1st cluster and add it on 2nd dialer without changing anything else?
2. Step 1 plus change VARDB_server to new DB server IP in astguiclient?
3. Reinstall the server with vicibox 7 and add to 2nd cluster using vicibox-install script.

Option 1 & 2 are most easy and time saving but I doubt if it break something. if no then I will use one of these options. Option 3 is the last resort.

I searched forum and google before posting this but wasnt able to find similar thread.

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