Inbound Report Inquiry (DROP call status)

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Inbound Report Inquiry (DROP call status)

Postby jikseyres16 » Wed May 23, 2018 10:16 pm

Hi Vicidial Team,

Our QA has some question about Inbound report. Her question is that why that DROP status has a duration and the name of the agent is reflected in the report compare to some report were full_name column is reflecting inbound no agent.

Report with Agent name
Code: Select all
call_date   phone_number_dialed   status   user   full_name   campaign_id   vendor_lead_code   source_id   length_in_sec   status_name
2018-05-21 14:56:10   027550090   DROP   10010997   Sheraldyn VienCuencaHernandez   BBINBOUND   BROADBAND_OPTION3_CA   VDCL   802   Agent Not Available
2018-05-21 14:56:23   027550090   DROP   10010993   Mark ChrisMagnoBruno   BBINBOUND   BROADBAND_OPTION3_CA   VDCL   254   Agent Not Available
2018-05-21 15:28:00   0548810651   DROP   10011028   Julius Cuanico   BBINBOUND   BROADBAND_OPTION3_CA   VDCL   608   Agent Not Available

Report without Agent name
Code: Select all
call_date   phone_number_dialed   status   user   full_name   campaign_id   vendor_lead_code   length_in_sec   status_name
2018-05-15 10:30:38   029172888   DROP   VDCL   Inbound No Agent   SmoothPress2   BROADBAND_OPTION3_CA   43   Agent Not Available
2018-05-18 10:25:52   0385010032   DROP   VDCL   Inbound No Agent   SmoothPress2   BROADBAND_OPTION3_CA   13   Agent Not Available
2018-05-21 09:50:16   027550090   DROP   VDCL   Inbound No Agent   SmoothPress2   BROADBAND_OPTION3_CA   56   Agent Not Available

both have duration also, looking forward for your response :)

Thank you
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