setup inbound dialplan to pass thru different sip extensions

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setup inbound dialplan to pass thru different sip extensions

Postby sarxiejr » Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:04 pm

Does anyone here can help me out to solve my problem regarding the inbound? I want all incoming calls will pass thru to all sip extensions simultaneously that are being online and it will ring all sips # whenever there is a call incoming. We just only use a softphone to recieve a call.
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Re: setup inbound dialplan to pass thru different sip extens

Postby williamconley » Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:14 pm

Create an Ingroup. Be sure to set the next agent to "ring all".

Create the DID and set the route to INGROUP and select the ingroup you just created.

Pathway for the calls: Carrier -> DID -> Ingroup

Create a Campaign allow inbound/blended. Either with dial method "inbound man" or "ratio". Check the box to allow the Ingroup you created for this campaign.

Create a remote agent for each agent. Assign the remote agent to the campaign you just created. Be sure to select the Ingroup you created earlier for each agent. Be sure each agent has "OnHook" checked.

When you Activate the remote agents, all inbound calls will then ring all the agent phones just like an old-fashioned shared telephone line at any office. First one to answer, wins. All others will get dead air followed (eventually) by a disconnect tone.

The manual has more detailed instructions for each of these steps. My advice is to start at page one of the manual and go through ALL the steps to prove your dialer is functional. Additionally, when you're done the only thing missing will likely be the remote agents and/or onhook setting. I'm not sure that's covered in the "beginning to end" walk through to set up the server.
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