Silent recordings combined with previous recording.

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Silent recordings combined with previous recording.

Postby Two8nine » Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:49 pm

Vicidial version: 2.14-694a
Vicidial build: 181005-1738
Asterisk version: 13.21.1-vici

Hi, having a bit of an issue with recordings.


Campaign Recording is set to ALLCALLS
Recording delay is 5-15 seconds (varies by campaign)
Dial Method is MANUAL across the board.


A large number of calls have duplicate lead id's in the agent stats pages, all are sequential calls, and each of these are missing the actual recording audio for the chronological first call. All are different phone numbers. The chronological first recording will have silence recorded for its full duration, plus the audio recording of the next call made. The next call made will retain its own recording which is identical, apart from missing the silent audio of the first call.

We've noticed a large number of affected leads are disconnected numbers, but we've also found cases where the carrier disconnect message is recorded fine, so it may just be coincidence. In all affected numbers tested there was no pick-up by the receiving party.

Any suggestions, or further information I should provide? I'm unsure whether to pursue this as an issue with the duplicating lead ids (if that's even an issue with manual dialed calls) or with the recording setup.
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Re: Silent recordings combined with previous recording.

Postby omarrodriguezt » Tue Feb 19, 2019 10:15 am

Try Campaign Recording -> ALLCALLS FORCE
Recording delay 0
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