loading new leads with a "0" in custom fields

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loading new leads with a "0" in custom fields

Postby johnplayer79 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:29 am


if i try to loading a new lead list with "admin_listloader_fourth_gen.php" i get a small problem, but with a huge impact for one of our customers.
If there is a single "0" entry in one field - i will have an "emty" or "blank" entry after i am loading this file in the database for these custom fields.
if the entry will be for example "00" - i will get "00" in the mapped custom field at the end.

maybe someone know a workaround ?


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Re: loading new leads with a "0" in custom fields

Postby williamconley » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:49 pm

1) Your installer version is "8", but there is no "8": There is 8.0.1 -> 8.1.2. Listing the entire installer version is helpful.

2) I'm confused about what you are saying, it's a technical matter and you're giving us the brochure with no details. What field name? What field type? Are there other fields? Are you saying that "FieldOne" being a "0" will cause "FieldTwo" and "FieldThree" to be blank even though they have data? Please provide full details for one broken example: the original data and the result in Vicidial. Include the field types.

3) Are you saying that normally all data is populated correctly, so other records that do not have a "0" in this special field populate all their data properly, but any record with a "0" in this particular field has blank data for the rest of the custom data?

Help out with some details ...

And for the sake of argument, check your field count. If you Accidentally add a "0" in a field that can not have a zero and in fact the "0" field didn't exist, and then all the other fields are "off by one", you could conceivably get nothing in the other fields if the data type is now mismatched on them all.
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