Different SVNs on same cluster

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Different SVNs on same cluster

Postby Chuckferd » Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:53 pm

Curious if anyone can answer this,

I have a cluster that we upgraded the DB Server SVN, but not Schema, all web servers, and all dialers.

We added a few dialers, however, since the vici install that we used was just a bit lower in SVN I ran "svn up" and install.pl. I don't have any obvious issues, however, I want to be sure that I shouldn't expect any in the future.

vicidial reports page is now showing that my dialers are mostly SVN: 3059, except 3. DB1 is 3059.

System Setting is shwoing that the current SVN Version is: 3063.

1) Will this cause an issue?
2) Is there a way to add a dialer and only update to a specific svn?

thanks so much for the assistance.

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DB Schema Version: 1562
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Re: Different SVNs on same cluster

Postby williamconley » Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:02 pm

SVN revision level is not always proof of installed Vicidial code. (LIkely, but not proof.) Since it's possible to copy using scp or rsync or other methods to the requisite live file locations, and the SVN folder is not used for anything directly except "storage". It's also possible to "svn up" without "install.pl", which would obviously mean the Live code was not yet installed. So "svn info" may, or may not, actually be an accurate representation of the code that is installed on the server.

However: The bottom left corner of the Admin.php page shows the Vicidial Version With Build.

Now that is out of the way: You MUST have the same Vicidial Version (With Build) installed on all servers in a cluster. You'll eventually have problems if you don't. Of course the easiest way to make that happen is to have the same SVN on all and use install.pl when at the same SVN revision level.

Additionally, the installed version of the code must match the DB Schema of the DB server. The easiest way to be sure that's done is to use the UPGRADE document instructions and use the upgrade .sql file from the same SVN revision level just installed.

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