CID Callback Prompts Not playing

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CID Callback Prompts Not playing

Postby dgroth02 » Mon Dec 14, 2020 2:47 pm

First system details:

Vicibox 7.0.4
VERSION: 2.14-780a
BUILD: 201201-1944
SVN Version: 3336
DB Schema Version: 1613

Dual Hex-Core Xeon
5TB Hard Disk

On to the question/Issue at hand.

On an inbound group - I wanted the system to allow for queue callbacks (or at the very least CID callbacks) with confirmation. All of the settings are there and appear to be implemented according to the docs.

I have "Wait Time Option" set to "PRESS_CID_CALLBACK" (although I would prefer "PRESS_CALLBACK_QUEUE") - I have "CID Callback Number Validation" set to "YES"

No matter which option I choose, it always plays the "Hold Time Option Press Filename:" and follows that logic instead of playing any of the of verification sound files - when I do a CLI debug, it isn't even trying to play those sound files, just the Hold Time Option Press Filename file(s), followed by the hangup filename.

Anyone else run into this issue? Is there something I should be enabling farther up the line that I might be missing?

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Re: CID Callback Prompts Not playing

Postby carpenox » Thu Dec 17, 2020 9:55 am

This is how I have mine set:
Alma Linux 8.6 | Version: 2.14-865a | BUILD: 220831-0850 | SVN Version: 3636 | DB Schema Version: 1666 | Asterisk 16.17.0-vici -:- 725-22-CYBUR -:- My Blog: -:- WhatsApp: +19549477572 -:- Skype: live:carpenox_3
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Re: CID Callback Prompts Not playing

Postby Sufyan Khan » Thu Jan 19, 2023 9:00 pm

carpenox wrote:This is how I have mine set:

It seems to be website is not working. I have tried to open it but it keeps loading then message will appear: The connection has time out.

I am facing the same issue. Either I select CID_Callback or CID_Callback_Queue my call back is being schedule it is not asking for CID validation if I just select CID_Callback.

Version: 2.14b0.5
SVN Version:3611
DB Schema Version:1662
BUILD: 220623-0824
Asterisk Versoin: 13.29.2-vici
Sufyan Khan
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