API transfer to ingroup fails if AGENTDIRECT selected

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API transfer to ingroup fails if AGENTDIRECT selected

Postby jamiemurray » Mon Oct 11, 2021 8:51 am

I've discovered a bit of a bug with the api transfer functions.

If the transfer-conf panel has AGENTDIRECT selected, it's not possible to transfer using the API to a non-AGENTDIRECT ingroup without first going to the TRANS-CONF panel and selecting ANY ingroup that is NOT AGENTDIRECT.

Bug submitted on tracker http://www.vicidial.org/VICIDIALmantis/view.php?id=1330

I'm pushed for time at the moment or I'd look to patch it.

Install vicibox 10 iso, SVN Version: 3528, DB Schema Version: 1645

Just posting here in the meantime to see if any kind soul has the time to look at it before I do. :D
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