Separate LISTS into multiple lists without losing CBs

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Separate LISTS into multiple lists without losing CBs

Postby atkins513 » Wed Feb 02, 2022 11:15 pm

VERSION: 2.14-634c BUILD: 210421-2110 Server:

My question is simple. I have a campaign with leads in multiple states. The LIST that I use contains all of these leads in all the states. I need to separate all the leads into each of their own lists depending on State. I plan to download the entire list, and separate the leads into each file for each state I need. Then I plan to reupload into brand new list ID's according to each state. Now, each list ID will still contain the original Lead ID's when it was all one big list id. Will each of the users still have all of their callbacks and those callbacks still load the proper leads they were originally supposed to be even though there are brand new list IDs for each state?

If you need clarification, please ask.
Thank you for your help.
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Re: Separate LISTS into multiple lists without losing CBs

Postby williamconley » Mon May 09, 2022 5:55 pm

At the bottom of the "Reports" main manu page is a link ... " Admin Utilities"

Inside Admin Utilities there is "Advanced Lead Tools".

Move leads in Advanced Lead Tools allows selection by State. Pay attention to the note at the top: Deactivate the lists before any attemps.

Note that if you download and re-upload leads, you will LOSE all call history, callbacks, everything for each lead since the systeem believes they are all new leads during the upload process.

A mysql familiar technician could easily move leads among lists directly in the "vicidial_list" table of the "asterisk" database without problems (assuming you are not using Custom Fields, it's a simplistic process in mysql). However, this interface, if it provides enough criteria to meet your needs *should* even account for custom fields during list movement.

PS: Thank you for posting your Version with Build! 8-)
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