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IVR Blasting Setup

Postby prabinnair » Mon Feb 28, 2022 1:40 am

Hi All,

I need to set up an IVR blasting setup in vicidial. I need to touch 1.5 Million data in 15 days with the system. Also, the IVR should be capable to capture the responses from the customers and the Interested customers should be live transferred to
the agents. Please suggest a suitable solution with server architecture and required server configuration.

My planning is to implement the below cluster.
1. One DB server with Web
2. 4 asterisk servers
3. IVR length would be 30 seconds Max.
4. a SIP trunk of 1400 channels.

Seeking suggestions from experts.
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Re: IVR Blasting Setup

Postby williamconley » Fri May 06, 2022 3:41 pm

Download the Vicidial Manager's Manual from EFLO.net. They have both free and paid versions available.

You should build out a sample/dev server in a vHost immediately (single VPS server for testing single calls only).

The terminology in Vicidial is "Survey" calling. When modifying a campaign's Detail tab, a new top menu will be available called "Survey". Do NOT change it. Just test it a few times. It'll ask if the prospect is republican or democrat, and pass the prospect to an agent if they push 1,2 or 3 and mark them as not interested if they press 8. Once you have confirmed that all this works: Change ONE thing at a time. If (after you make the change) something doesn't work as expected, change it back and test again.

Making one change at a time, it'll take a short time to modify the campaign to behave as you would like with your recording and options and without having to call in someone for help.

Before you get to that point: Start at the installation PDF on Vicibox.com's site. Once primary installation is complete, switch to the Vicidial Manager's Manual and start at page one. Do NOT skip anything while using this free resource. It may include things you don't care about, but it will also (in the end) have created a fully functional server with your survey test ready to start.

Beware "max calls per second" with your provider. (Admin->Servers for each server).

Beware Robodialing restrictions. Your Caller ID number and name plus your robodial mitigation grade (ask your carrier) may dramatically affect your ability to actually reach the numbers you are dialing. If you're dialing in the US, of course.

Happy Hunting 8-)
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