Inbound not showing leads

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Inbound not showing leads

Postby medk » Mon Apr 25, 2022 8:46 am


I'm working on Switzerland for both outbound and inbound, everything works fine except for the inbound the lead shows as empty.

The leads are inserted without prefix (for a number like +41 79 xxx xx xx we insert it as 79xxxxxxx)

Now the provider sends the number as 4179xxxxxxx and when the incoming call enters it shows an empty lead (only the number is shown as 4179xxxxxxx), which means when the CRM searches for the lead by the number it gets nothing as it searches with the "41" so no match, then lead not found, and instead, creates a new empty lead in the list 999.

Now when I use "Clean CID Number" = R9 it strips the prefix and shows the number as it should be (79xxxxxxx), but still not finding the corresponding lead.

I tried to change the "phone code" in "vicidial_list" to 41, then empty then back to 1 (default) and still not working.

I tried with a dial plan:
Code: Select all
exten => _41.,1,Ringing
exten => _41.,2,Wait(1)
exten => _41.,3,Answer
exten => _41.,4,AGI(agi://
exten => _41.,5,AGI(agi-DID_route.agi)
exten => _41.,6,Dial(sip/41${EXTEN:2}@MYPROVIDER,,Tto)
exten => _41.,7,Hangup

Tried everything and still not finding the corresponding lead for the incoming call.

Maybe the only way to fix it is to append 41 to every phone number in vicidial_list but this will be a huge mess as we have to change our whole ecosystem.

Is there a way to let the leads as they are and do some workaround to match the incoming numbers with their leads?

Thanks in advance.
VICIbox 8.1.1
OpenSuSE Leap v.42.3 64-bit
Kernel v.4.4.155
Asterisk v.13.21.1-vici
DAHDI v.2.11.1
LibPRI v.1.6.0
Amfletec VoiceSync v.1.3.8
OpenR2 v.1.3.3 for MFC/R2 support
ViciDial SVN v.2.14-689a build 180922-0958 revision 3035
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Re: Inbound not showing leads

Postby martinch » Mon Apr 25, 2022 11:52 pm


Is "Omit Phone Code" set on your campaign settings?

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Re: Inbound not showing leads

Postby striker » Tue Apr 26, 2022 3:21 am

In DID what you have set for In-Group Call Handle Method:

CIDLOOKUP will attempt to lookup the phone number by the CallerID in the entire system,
CIDLOOKUPRL will attempt to lookup the phone number by the CallerID in only one specified list,
CIDLOOKUPRC will attempt to lookup the phone number by the CallerID in all of the lists that belong to the specified campaign,

you need to remove the leading 41.
try Clean CID Number: L41 or edit the dialplan in extensions.conf [trunkinbound] context
;exten => _+1X.,1,Goto(trunkinbound,${EXTEN:2},1)
TO (remove ";" in front and replace +1 to 41 as show below
exten => _41X.,1,Goto(trunkinbound,${EXTEN:2},1) skype id : striker24x7
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Re: Inbound not showing leads

Postby williamconley » Fri May 06, 2022 3:17 pm

Excellent post stiker. But technical concern.

Clean CID Number -This field allows you to specify a number of digits to restrict the incoming caller ID number to by putting an R in front of the number of digits, for example to restrict to the right 10 digits you would enter in R10. You can also use this feature to remove only a leading digit or digits by putting an L in front of the specific digits that you want to remove, for example to remove a 1 as the first digit you would enter in L1. Default is empty. If more than one rule is specified make sure you separate them with a space and the R will run before the L

Perhaps L9 would be more appropriate. 8-)
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