Yeastar Neogate TG1600 configuration with vicidial inbound

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Yeastar Neogate TG1600 configuration with vicidial inbound

Postby worseo » Thu May 12, 2022 11:06 am

Hello Team,
I have a cluster of three servers of vicibox 10 running with two E1 lines with no worries. However, we want a backup in case the E1 fail we can rely on the GSM gateway. I have in installed and configured the GSM gateway according to instruction from this link ( ... eways.html). We can call out perfectly. In vicidial, I created the inbound DID with the carrier GSM number (0777755544). Created the inbound group and link them accordingly.

My problem is I am unable to receive inbound calls. in the yeastar GSM gateway, I see that the call failed. In the asterisk cli, I dont see the call coming in with any error.

Time Caller callee source trunk Des Trunk Status
2022-05-12 07:48:03 0777555444 s Trunk7 asterisk 3 0 FAILED MOBILE->IP

VERSION: 2.14-832a
BUILD: 211027-1031
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Re: Yeastar Neogate TG1600 configuration with vicidial inbou

Postby williamconley » Mon May 16, 2022 12:57 pm

Excellent job posting your system specs. Tx.

If the asterisk interface shows no traffic, neither Vicidial Nor Asterisk is responsible for this issue. The determination of whether to route the call to this server is outside the Asterisk server's control. Note that asterisk can Register to some devices, thus causing the pathway to open and the external system to route the call to this server ... but that decision is ultimately in the hands of the external system, be it a carrier or a gateway or something else.

So the steps would be to (a) verify with your carrier (whoever that may be) that the call is in fact destined to land in your gateway (or a card attached to the gateway), then work with whatever troubleshooting/logging/tracking features are available in the gateway to verify the call arrives at the gateway AND should be heading to Asterisk. The asterisk DEBUG feature of whatever module you are using to communicate with the gatewat, at some point, should have some traffic indicating that the asterisk server has a call. Until asterisk has that debug traffic indicating a call, asterisk can't accept/reject or manage that call in any way.

If the device in question is designed to work WITH or IN asterisk, the manufacturer (or seller) of the device in question should be very happy to walk you through passing the call through the device to asterik (don't mention Vicidial to them, just get the call into asterisk, then we can work with it!)
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