Easy Guide for Successful Vtiger Integration in VicidialNOW

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Re: Easy Guide for Successful Vtiger Integration in Vicidial

Postby deblooze » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:03 pm

hi everyone. thanks for what you do here.
i'm a zero :roll: :roll: in vicidial. my problem is that is have just installed goautdial v3.3 and i followed all the steps mentioned above for vtiger integration.
the crm installation is done but when i click "click here to synchronize users with vtiger", it shows an emtpy page in firefox.
using opera or chrome it shows an error message: the page does not work, HTTP ERROR 500.
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Re: Easy Guide for Successful Vtiger Integration in Vicidial

Postby mr_mehul_shah » Sun May 28, 2017 12:47 pm

You can check this below link for : Vicidial & Vtiger Integration with Single Sign-on


Video Tutorial showcases how to use single sign on for managing and operating, both, VICIDial, call center solution and vTiger, CRM system shared by Elision Technolab LLP. This video covers tutorial for:
1. User, List Creation from Vtiger to Vicidial
2. Data Push from Vtiger to Vicidial
3. Click2Call from Vtiger
4. Vicidial Widget In Vtiger
5. All the functions of Vicidial as mention will be on this widget:
a. Pause/ Resume (i. Selection of Pause Call)
b. Park
c. Transfer Conf
d. Hangup
e. Disposition (i. Selection of Disposition)
f. Manual Dial
6. On Manual or Auto Call customer information will be display on vtiger screen automatically on LIVE call.

We can do same with GoAutoDial as well.
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