Calls are going Blank

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Calls are going Blank

Postby vijo » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:15 am

Dear Team,

My scenario:
Agents are logging in using external mobile numbers with agents login with autodial feature with ratio 1:1

My problem:
After i have logged in as agent i am able to make or receive the calls.But after some time (may be after an hour) When i am getting the calls ..End customers are unable to hear the agent voice and Customers are unable to hear the agent voice ,The calls are going blank.But in the call recording we are able to get the Customer voice.

When we are facing the issue we are also tried to dial the numbers manually ..even some calls we are able hear the voice and some calls we are unable to hear the voice.

As we have checked calls are we are able to see the both Calls are active on the server and the same visible in meetme list.

And also we have found that
    when ever the agent voice is unable to hear to customer ,we have taken conference call with 3rd party and 3rd party and customer was able to speak each other and agent voice was still blank.
    on agent external when we enable voice recording, we are able to record agent voice and customer voice. But on customer phone customer cannot hear agent voice.

Sr | Timestamp | Customer Number | Issue | In Recording

1.Apr 10 15:12:16 | 7814186101| Unable to hear the agent voice to End customer | In recording we are getting only End customer Voice

Asterisk logs for agent call are at:

Log link : ... f0L68L/pub


My installation:

Asterisk: 11.12.0 Astguiclient: 2.14b0.5 Allo PRI card Dahdi 2.91 Libpri 1.4.14
Server 1: CPU: OS: MySQL: Runs Asterisk & MySQL 5.6.39
Server 2: CPU OS: Runs Web server on apache | php 5.6.33

1. Server utilization and memory utilization is less than 30%.
2. We have tried with Asterisk 1.8 also, but no resolution is found yet.
I have installed the Vicidial server with Centos 6.9 ,With Allo PRI card with Dahdi 2.91 Version & Libpri 1.4.14,

Thanks In Advance .
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