Not able to get the webpage of vicibox

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Not able to get the webpage of vicibox

Postby rij079 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:24 am

Hi Guys

i am new to vicibox and i have done a vicibox installation on virtual box just to see how it works and things like that. I am able to do the entire installation but i am unable to get the webpage to open the ip address of the vicibox server. It just gives that the site cannot be reached. Kindly guide me as to what I am doing wrong or if I need to change some settings somewhere. Thanks in advance
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Re: Not able to get the webpage of vicibox

Postby williamconley » Mon May 13, 2019 3:26 pm

1) Use wget or curl on the server itself using localhost instead of an IP address.

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wget http://localhost/vicidial/welcome.php

This will at least tell you if the web page is available

2) You should ALWAYS list your installer with full version (never use the word "latest") when requesting assistance with the installer. For all we know, you're mistakenly using one from three years ago. It happens, lol.

3) If you are not comfortable with Virtualbox yet, try using generic instructions for ANY linux distro with a web server in it. Once you have that mastered (much larger audience than Vicidial), the same approach will likely work for the Vicidial server.

4) You can also try VMware. Similar, but different enough that it appeals to a whole different group of people even though it really does the same thing as Virtualbox.

5) You did not describe your installation steps at all. Nor did you mention any error messages (or lack thereof). Probably a good idea to fill us in on the installation instruction set you used and where it failed for you (page/line of the PDF on would be useful, for instance).
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