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Postby sohaib » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:59 am


i am implementing agent login functionality in my application with vicidial api, i didn't find any api regarding login agent in the documentation, (, i just only found st_login_log functions int the list, if this is the login api, kindly help what is the parameter in the following st_login_log api especially what is the vendor_id, source, and value. kindly find the specification below

http://server/agc/api.php?source=test&u ... dor_id=207

vicidial_version = VERSION: 2.14-543c
asterisk version = 1.8
ubuntu version = 12
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Postby mflorell » Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:32 am

The API is only useful if the agent is logged in and has a running agent screen. There would be no purpose for a "login" API function.
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Postby sohaib » Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:39 am

hi, thanks for your reply.

then how would we use call agent api, i mean that api call the phone which is logged in.

Actually we are developing our own interface for agent screen, and using Agent API.
how would we login agent on our portal? i mean do we need to verify user password and phone password through database directly?
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Postby williamconley » Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:18 pm

You would have to contain the existing agent screen somewhere. Note that the agent API doesn't execute the agent functions. It sends the data to the DB, then the agent screen grabs that data from the DB and executes it via javascript IN the agent screen (on the agent's workstation). The agent interface is not "just an html web page".

So if you develop your own interface you have two choices: Duplicate ALL the functions that you need in your interface, obviously including the login function which is IN the agent interface you just said you already duplicated ... OR: load the agent interface into an iFrame and control it using the API functions.

I'll guess from your "how do you log in" question that you have not, in fact, duplicated the functions you need from the agent interface as yet.

Remember that if you do this any other way than loading the agent interface as it is, unchanged, everything you modify will need to be remodified/recustomized every time you upgrade Vicidial to get that cool new (free) function. Suddenly the free functions provided by The Vicidial Group will have a huge cost. In case you haven't noticed, I highly recommend loading the stock Vicidial Agent Interface ... somewhere. Unchanged. It makes life much easier moving forward.

All that being said, we have several customized interfaces for several clients ranging from "Complete Replacement" to "just a few changes" here and there. These do not all use the agent api functions: Some actually run inside the Vicidial Agent Interface and use those functions Directly (faster, more efficient ... but time-consuming during upgrades, as previously mentioned).
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