Official Release 2.0.5 is posted!

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Official Release 2.0.5 is posted!

Postby mflorell » Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:57 am

It's been a long time coming, but we have finally released ViciDial 2.0.5.

See the official announcement here:

And the download here: ... _id=101320

We have also finished a major update to the ViciDial Manager Manual which is now up to 160 pages:

There are literally hundreds of changes made since 2.0.4 including the following:

1. Note the license change from GPLv2 to AGPLv2. This change was made to close the ASP loophole for code distribution that was present in the GPLv2 license. Please read the docs/LICENSE.txt file for more information

2. Several of the MySQL tables have been changed to a HEAP type to reside in memory to improve performance.

3. Added the ability for inbound and blended agents to choose their selected in-groups without logging out. The new GROUPS link at the top of the agent screen(vicidial.php) can be used when an agent is Paused to change their selected groups and whether they are set to do Blended calling or not. There is also a new log with the details of what groups an agent has selected each time in the user stats page.

4. Queue Priority has been added allowing for the prioritization of one in-group over another in-group or outbound campaign(when in blended mode)

5. Drop call action has been added to both inbound and outbound calling. You can now send a call that would drop into an inbound group. The call will still be recorded as a DROP in it's original in-group or campaign, but the lead information will move on to the drop in-group.

6. Audio recording mixing/compression/ftping scripts have been completely rewritten and separated into different scripts for better fault tolerance. Also, you have the option of compression in to the following formats: WAV, GSM, MP3 and OGG - - - -

7. Created a new script to backup a VICIDIAL setup, including the Asterisk conf files, prompt recordings, bin, agi and web files:

8. Added ability to override recording options of a campaign for individual inbound-groups

9. The 8 outbound agi-VDADtransfer scripts are in process of being consolidated into a single AGI script: agi-VDAD_ALL_outbound.agi All older outbound scripts are depricated and do not function any more

10. Added the ability to load balance the logins to vicidial.php for phones that are registered to multiple servers on a multi-server system. Simply put multiple phone_login values in the phone login field at login separated by a comma and the vicidial.php script will pick the server that has the fewest agents logged into it at the moment of login.

11. Added ability for vicidial.php to populate the phones.computer_ip field upon agent login. Options set in the vicidial.php file to allow for overwrite every login or only if field is empty.

12. Several code changes for better UTF8 compatibility with the database as well as special character leads in the agent screen, lead loading

13. Added after hours redirect of calls to an in-group to another in-group

14. Added collection of hangup reasons for inbound and outbound calls in the vicidial_log and vicidial_closer_log tables

15. Added a new timeclock feature w/ audit and log, including the addition of shifts to VICIDIAL user groups and the ability to auto-generate user IDs as you are adding users to the system. timeclock.php user login page created and linked to from admin/agent/welcome screens

16. Added a new inbound/closer(queues) report for showing service levels

17. Added Calls in Queue counter to agent vicidial.php screen

18. Added ability to use calltime scheme for calls not yet in an in-group(queue) as well as display in real-time stats. See Inbound_VDAC_IVR.txt doc for more information

19. Auto-dial survey broadcast campaigns can now be fully configured within the admin.php interface and they have new options shown in the Survey sub- section

20. Changed add-to-DNC list to allow for multiple phone numbers per submission

21. Date/time and phone formats that appear in the VICIDIAL agent screen are now customizable as defined in the Admin -> System Settings screen.

22. Added manual dial and inbound queue_log logging capability for better QueueMetrics compatibility

23. Added some basic agent interface API functions and an agc/api.php script

24. A field has been added to vicidial_list(last_local_call_time) to sort by the last time a lead was called as well as for lead recycling changes.

25. IMPORTANT FOR RECORDINGS!!! The recording extensions have been changed within VICIDIAL so you need to add the following lines to your extensions.conf ; quiet monitor-only entry and leaving conferences for VICIDIAL (recording) exten => _58600XXX,1,Meetme,${EXTEN:1}|Fmq

26. Added option (for Internet Explorer users only) to copy a field to the clipboard of the agent computer upon a call being sent to the agent.

27. Added new alternate number dialing method which allows for over 65,000 alt phone numbers per lead. Currently these extra numbers are only available for auto dialing, not manual dial. These extra alternate number leads must be imported either with the CLI lead loader( or the non-agent API script.

28. Added campaign-specific DNC filtering lists to the system

29. Added optional dialplan entries to sample extensions.conf to play a not-in- service message for invalid phone numbers that cannot be dialing in North America

30. Rewrote Leave-3way function for conference calling to work more reliably on high load systems. Need to add more vicidial_conferences entries and meetme.conf entries for this, see the meetme.conf.sample file and the first_server_install.sql file for more information

31. Added several new features to inbound call handling including: - announce place in line - announce estimated hold time - welcome message options - options for call routing when estimated hold time is too high - press 1 to leave a voicemail for customers if wait time too high

32. Added DID call routing to allow for basic routing of calls to phones, extensions, voicemail and VICIDIAL inbound groups without editing the extensions.conf dialplan. *requires initial adding one line to dialplan of inbound context: exten => _X.,1,AGI(agi-DID_route.agi) *as well as a few more lines in your VICIDIAL default context: ; DID forwarded calls exten => _99909*.,1,Answer exten => _99909*.,2,AGI(agi-VDAD_ALL_inbound.agi) exten => _99909*.,3,Hangup

33. Added ability to set callerID number on outgoing conference calls to CAMPAIGN, CUSTOMER or AGENT_PHONE callerID settings.

34. New Slovak translation for the agent screen, as well as new German agent screen translation and new German buttons for the agent screen

35. New Welcome demo and languages screens with links to all translations of agent and admin screens

36. Added INBOUND_MAN dial method to allow for inbound call handling by agents that are also placing manual dial list calls through their campaign lists

37. Added option to see the inbound group call stats in the Real-time screen

38. Added ability for agents to dial in to an AGI script(agi-AGENT_dial_in.agi) to log their phone into the session instead of having VICIDIAL call them. The user ID and password for the agent must be digits only for this to work! This requires the following to be added to the dialplan on the dial-in DID or extension that you want to use: exten => 2345,1,Answer ; Answer the line exten => 2345,2,AGI(agi-AGENT_dial_in.agi) exten => 2345,3,Hangup

39. Added pause codes display to the Real-time report as well as pause code statistics to the agent performance detail report. Also added an option to force agents to enter a pause code(this is a campaign option)

40. Added full MySQL error logging to vicidial agent web interface. Logs are written to the webserver.

41. Added new inbound-only reporting to Real-time report as well as many new features to existing inbound report. Created IVR stats report to show stats on Asterisk IVRs

42. Updated Vtiger integration to version 5.0.4 and allow searching by leads/accounts/vendors. Also added user synchronization with vicidial_users. Also added click-to-dial from Vtiger sending call to vicidial agent screen. Also added batch synchronization of Accounts between Vtiger and VICIDIAL.

43. Added notification of time synchronization problems in the vicidial.php page

44. Added AGENTDIRECT queueing to be able to send calls to only one agent without having to create a new in-group for each agent. You can configure DIDs to use AGENTDIRECT, and you can have VICIDIAL agents send calls to specific agents using the AGENTDIRECT transfer group with LOCAL CLOSER button and putting the agent to send the call to in the Number To Dial field.

45. Added agent alert option to agent screen. sends browser alert prompt when a call is send to the agent screen.

46. Added option for using North American NANPA prefix timezone encoding for more accurate time zone encoding. The data is NOT included but can be purchased from the VICIDIAL Group.

47. Added System Settings option to disable auto-dialing(list dialing) from the system to simplify administration for inbound-only call centers

48. Added patch and configuration options to allow VICIDIAL to work with Sangoma ParaXip CPD(Call Progress Detection) for Answering Maching and Fax detection

49. Added list_download.php that allows you to download the entire contents of vicidial lists from the admin.php interface. You must set the download_lists permission in vicidial_users to 1 for this to work.

50. Small redesign of the agent interface to use grey backgrounds and new tabs

51. Added Asterisk version prompt to the script to allow for the copying of the proper conf files for the installed Asterisk version

52. Added auto-generation of SIP and IAX phones and carriers into the Asterisk conf files so that you can fully configure them using only the admin.php web interface. See the ASTERISK_CONF-GEN.txt file for more information

53. Added group alias option for selecting callerID on manual and 3rd-party calls

54. Added options for custom web variables for each agent per in-group and camaign. This is definable in the user modification page

55. Added Agent Shift enforcement options to restrict logins and vicidial agent activity

56. Added Server vital statistics(load/CPU/disk) to the reports screen and the server modification screen

57. Removed the admin_changes flat text log file and now put all administrative actions into the vicidial_admin_log table in MySQL. These logs are displayed to user_level 9 users in admin.php through a link on the REPORTS screen, and at the bottom of the other screens (USERS, CAMPAIGNS, LISTS, etc...)you can click on the "Click here to see Admin chages to this record" link to find out the most recent changes to that record.

58. Added uniform admin headers to all administrative pages and reports

59. Added Calls Export Utility allowing exporting of call and lead data by defining the following parameters: date range, campaigns, in-groups, statuses, lists and user groups. A flat tab-delimited text file is exported.

60. Added new monitoring functionality to allow monitoring from one agent to another without hanging up

61. Added Russian and Dutch agent interface translations
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Postby richo2007 » Fri Apr 03, 2009 10:45 am

Congratulations !!

For those of us who bought the manual for a previous version, how can we update them?

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Postby mflorell » Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:52 pm

You can login with the same information and you will be given the option to download the new or old versions.

We will also be sending out upgrade emails this afternoon.
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Postby ryanalupa » Fri Apr 03, 2009 7:19 pm

Finally, a release! Thanks a lot Matt! :-)
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Postby Trying » Sat Apr 04, 2009 5:50 am

Well done Matt and team! I also see the demo site has been upgraded to 2.0.5. Here is the link if anyone wants to take a look:
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problem: Report Choose Report Display Options on vicidial_fr

Postby dialcom » Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:58 am

hello, I tested vicidial_fr all it works well, except that in the menu report when I click on "Choose Report Display Options” that does not post the list of the campaign.

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Postby mflorell » Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:54 am

Thank you very much for the bug report, I will add this to my list of things to fix for the service update to 2.0.5.

In the mean time I would suggest copying the AST_timeonVDADall.php script from the vicidial web directory into the vicidial_fr directory so that you do not have this problem.
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Postby dialcom » Sat Apr 11, 2009 3:30 pm

Well Mflorell verry thanks.
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predictive dialer not works

Postby dialcom » Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:39 am

Hallo matt, i have tested a campaign for a predictive dialer with mode RATIO, asterisk cli make calls but no calls sent to available agents.
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Postby mflorell » Thu Apr 16, 2009 10:49 am

Please post in the support Forum about this, and include Asterisk CLI output.
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Hi Matt

Postby wasdak » Wed May 06, 2009 2:52 am

I buy managers manual and agent manual but i already forgot the login, my email address is
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Postby mflorell » Thu May 07, 2009 8:01 am

Didn't you receive your login by email?

Did you delete the email?
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