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Bulk Add Phone Tool

Postby jrecord57 » Mon Oct 05, 2020 1:02 pm

I did not want to post this in support bc I am not really utilizing it because it gave me so many issues. However I was just wondering if anyone could shed a little light as to why I was hitting so many issues when utilizing this feature because I would like to use it, it is quite tedious adding phones when you are trying to add them 25-50 at a time without the bulk tool.

I would always get errors like "No one is in your conference" when trying to dial/login with phones that I added using the bulk add tool. I am aware that I am supposed to manually trigger a rebuild of the conf files when adding phones using the bulk add tool, but I would always do that as well by going to the Server page in Admin and putting that particular server's setting to 'Y' for Rebuild conf files. So I thought I was doing it correctly yet I would still get these errors every time. Am I missing something? I read through the entire manual before installing and def consulted it for this dilemma but I cannot seem to find what I am missing. The reason why I did not post this in support is because I am just using the regular add phone function, one at a time. It is a little painstaking, but a lot less of a headache troubleshooting why I was getting the errors with the bulk add tool.

Kinda new to posting here, but I think I did my signature thing right to reflect my setup. If you need me to post anymore of my configuration, please let me know and I will asap. Thanks in advance for all the help, like I said it is not super pressing, I just really like all of the tools ViciDial has and want to be able to have this function available to me as well if I ever need it in the future. Thanks again.
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Re: Bulk Add Phone Tool

Postby carpenox » Wed Oct 07, 2020 4:32 pm

Go into the phones and see if it adds an "a" when you bulk add, even when you don't select generate alias, it seems to do so
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