Video Calling Support In Vicidial

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Video Calling Support In Vicidial

Postby OVS » Sat Apr 24, 2021 5:20 am

Is there a way to do video calling in vicidial via WebRTC ? anyone done till now ? Is there any possibility to have video calling in vicidial with latest version ? The way we do audio calling can we have different campaign for doing video calling from vicidial ?
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Re: Video Calling Support In Vicidial

Postby mflorell » Sat Apr 24, 2021 7:28 am

We have tested the basics of video calling with Asterisk 15, and it is not reliable or consistent at this point in time, so we have not put any resources into making it work with VICIdial. I'm sure as it becomes more reliable in future versions of Asterisk we will look at it again, but for now we have no plans or schedule for adding VICIdial video compatibility.
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Re: Video Calling Support In Vicidial

Postby carpenox » Sun Apr 25, 2021 5:08 pm

ive been playing with this idea myself OVS, the webrtc video isnt all that complicated, check out this sample here: ... ction/pc1/
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