Splitting up of interface PHP files

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Splitting up of interface PHP files

Postby Cald » Fri Aug 04, 2006 3:15 pm


Are there any plans to split the interface files (i.e. vicidial/admin.php) into various files using templates and whatnot to make working with each of the screens easier?

As right now most of the screens for VICIDIAL are part of a single file and the others, for example vicidial/listloaderMAIN.php, are poorly integrated to the interface.

For instance, I was asked to hide some of the options on the agent screen to reduce clutter and to stop the agents from tinkering with functionality they won't use. I inspected the source of agc/vicidial.php and met a 5000+ line file. This makes modifying it and keeping it updated when a new release comes out very hard.

Splitting the files should also help translation efforts.

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Postby mflorell » Fri Aug 04, 2006 5:07 pm

There are no plans as of now. That is how I first designed it, and even with the small astguiclient admin interface had dozens of files for the admin interface even though there were only 3 small sections. The way it is now, the primary developer(me) can make changes much easier and faster on the single file since many of the elements are interconnected.

As for template changing, what is it that you are wanting to change?

The lead loaders are separate because they are fairly complex, there are currently 3 versions(soon to be a fourth added) and they were originally written by other developers(not me) some of whome wanted them to be separate from the admin pages.

What options did you want to hide from Agents? Could you submit a feature request to the issue tracker for these changes?

Keeping customized changes with new versions is relatively simple if you use diff files.

Splitting up the file would have no effect on translations in any way since translation is done in a flat text file of phrases.
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