Vicidial User's Phone Login and Password

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Vicidial User's Phone Login and Password

Postby VFRDavid » Fri Oct 09, 2020 12:55 pm

So - am I crazy...or is this feature impossible to use?

The help for the Phone Login and Phone Pass fields on a users' record states: "Here is where you can set a default phone login value for when the user logs into the agent screen. This value will populate the phone_login automatically when the user logs in with their user-pass-campaign in the agent login screen."

I have looked at this for several versions - and - for as long as I can remember, the user login has behaved this way - from the welcome screen or direct - it asks for the PHONE information FIRST, then goes to the User-Pass-Campaign screen. Even on the relogin=yes screen, the phone fields are first on the form. I tried using the Time Clock - thinking that might get the user logged in first - but - unless I am doing something wrong... it doesn't. I thought maybe the URL would change from the Phone to the User pages, but it doesn't - they both use

So ... how do you use this???

The reason I am asking is - my office that uses webphones - since the phones register on the fly - whenever a user logs in with the wrong extension - one that is already in use elsewhere - it is more difficult for them to determine this (with the soft-phone method - they are trained to know that if their extension doesn't RING and they don't ANSWER/ACCEPT the call and HEAR "You're currently the only person in this conference..." message - something is wrong, and they need to resolve that before going further - because any calls they receive will have "audio issues". In this configuration, when they use the wrong extension - which would be anyone that does NOT match what their station's soft phone is registering with - they'll never get it to ring at their desk...of course, the other rep might - if someone is sitting at the desk that IS registering the extension this user is trying to use - and that usually makes it easier to find.

Anyway - I usually use bookmarks to the agc/vicidial.php using the relogin=yes syntax, also pre-filling the vd_user/phone_login fields (and sometimes the passwords and campaign too, so they only have to hit "submit") for them - making them a bit more "idiot-proof" - I mean, "user-friendly" - but - if I were to want to use this feature - defaulting the Phone Login/Pass to a user, how do I???


PS - I am on site at one of our satellite offices - my physical Manager's manual is back at my office - but I was able to access my old (v2.9) PDF version - and it says that I have to enable the "user_login_first" back end feature - but - I do not see this option either in the System Settings or the Server ... I also tried to add it to the URL (vicidial.php?user_login_first - tried with nothing, with =1, =yes, =Y, =YES...I will probably look at the PHP code next - but - it really would be a lot easier if someone could tell me what what am I missing...thanks again!
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Re: Vicidial User's Phone Login and Password

Postby mflorell » Fri Oct 09, 2020 11:47 pm

You have to create an /agc/options.php file(based on the agc/options-example.php file) with that variable set to '1' in it.
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